Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Princess is 5!

How time flies... I cant believe its been 5 years since My baby girl was born. She turned 5 and all the sudden she seems so grown up.. Ellie has always been my free spirit, hyper girl that never seems to let anything bother her, she gets hurt and you'd never know it, always seems like she's not listening.. and now all of the sudden she's grown up, pays attention to every detail, actually listens, and cares and gets her feelings hurt easily. Its weird.

She wanted a "real" tea party will ALL of her friends. I put all I had into this party.. Eric wondered if I was more excited to have a tea party than she was! I wanted it to be perfect for her, and it was. She wrote the guest list at least 5 times herself.. Its for sure she didnt want my help! She wanted EVERYONE to come, the list had 18 little girls! We had 13 there and it was GREAT.

I pretty much let her decide what she wanted to do at the party.. We made pink and purple sandwiches, mini cookies, cucumbers cheese and grapes on toothpicks and tea (white hot chocolate with food coloring) painted everyone's nails and put makeup on all of them.. played musical chairs, read "my little pony worlds biggest tea party" book, had a visit from the easter bunny, ate cake and icecream and opened presents.

It was fun.. I got to live through her for a moment. I hope she always remembers it. Thank you everyone who came and a BIG thanks to the easter bunny for coming ;)


  1. Oh my goodness! That looks amazing! You did such a good job! What a good mom you are.
    13 friends and she is only 5!? Thats awesome.
    I miss you Sar, I hope to see you soon!

  2. So cute! You went to a lot of work! I knew it would be amazing though, you always make birthdays special. I love it! Good job!

  3. You're amazing! Brave soul and patient with all those little girls! I hope to follow your example making b-days super special!

  4. MAGICAL! How did you do those sandwhiches??? I'm going to have to get tips from you for Annie's party. I bet she'll remember it forever. How wonderful!

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